African symbols and stories

African symbols and stories

Unique stories

The unique African wax print textiles are full of bright colours, symbols and stories. And we find it hugely fascinating to delve into the stories and signals the textiles hold.

When women in Africa wear wax print textiles, it's often a tool to communicate different messages to the outside world. Some messages are very direct, while others are more subtle.

Sea shell

What's hiding behind the blue textile above? At first you might see the blue colour - then other thoughts might emerge: is it seashells and the sea, balloons and the sky or ginkgo biloba leaves in a completely different colour context?

There isn't necessarily just one answer. But delving into the symbols is both relevant and interesting, as it can give a better understanding of African culture. Our first instinct was seashells, which is why we named it Sea shell.


When we found this Birthday textile, we knew right away that it was special. A 1st birthday is something special - especially in Africa, where infant mortality is still far too high. So when the baby has lived and survived a whole year, a big party is invited to celebrate life.

In December we had a visit from a good friend from Nigeria. He told us that the birthdays that are really celebrated are when you turn one - and the next time when you turn 50.

We think the birthday tea style really goes well with this mule bag. If you're interested in mule bags, check out our other prints here.


Another print that we immediately fell in love with, and that many customers also love, is the print we call Corncob.

In Africa, the corncob symbolises fertility and the fertility of the field. Women who wear this textile in their clothing, for example, can communicate to others that she is cultivating land, selling crops or that she is fertile! Corncob has an absolutely stunning colour composition that can brighten up wherever it is worn.

Find the corncob cushion on the shop here.


This particular print is often known as "money has wings" or "good fortune". The round circle symbolises money. The textile has a message to invest wisely and to be in control of your finances, because money easily gets legs to walk on - as we say in Denmark - or wings as we say in Africa!

When we heard that story, we knew right away that we wanted to make a nice net for the many purchases. So we hope the textile brings good luck and the money is invested wisely :) We also found this textile in blue and white - it's just so pretty.

More stories

There are many, many stories in textiles. As time goes by, we'll also get smarter and more knowledgeable about the different messages, and then of course we'll bring them to you.

If you know any of the symbols and stories in the textiles we have on the shop, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

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