Cooperation with social economic enterprise

Cooperation with social economic enterprise

We have just entered into a collaboration with one of Denmark's largest social economy companies, and we are super proud of that. It's a fantastic feeling when you find like-minded people who base their strategy on exactly the same values ​​and visions as yourself.

Huset Venture is a non-profit company that aims to create work for people with reduced working capacity. They have several branches around the country and approx. 95% of the employees are on special terms in a flexible or flexible job.

We visited Huset Venture in Kolding and were greeted by great hospitality with calmness and presence to get to know each other. The house exudes spaciousness and flexibility, and it is clear to us that the people behind it have a great desire to contribute to all types of tasks and see opportunities rather than limitations.

They have an exciting showroom where they showcase their product range of unique bags produced from old denim jeans, or glasses, vases and candle holders produced from glass bottles picked up from local restaurants and cafes as well as notice boards made from discarded iron sheets and much more.

There are many processes in recycling materials that are actually scrap, but the employees' determination, professionalism and many creative ideas make it possible to transform discarded materials into unique, attractive and salable products with a wonderful story behind them.

Huset Venture will initially contribute to the production of mumutane's pillow collections. The quality of the production has an extremely high standard and the employees have an eye for detail, which means that we are safe and proud to be allowed to work with them.

We see plenty of opportunities and synergies between mumutane and Huset Venture and are delighted that there is room to run a company like this in Denmark. It makes so much sense both for the individual person and for society as a whole.

More of that, please!

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