Collaborative partner with social responsibility

Collaborative partner with social responsibility

Quality, sustainability and social responsibility are central focal points when we select business partners. The selection of inner cushions is no exception, as they have a great influence on the experience of a cushion's quality.

Our inner cushions are Danish-produced at Søms A/S in Lem in West Jutland and are a mixture of both duck feathers and down, which provides good comfort, airiness and the softest feeling.

The cotton cover is made without chemicals and is downproof, so that feathers and down do not get through. All feathers are European and comply with EU requirements for animal welfare. Søms A/S therefore only uses recycled feathers and down, or feathers and down from industrially slaughtered birds. The cushions are of course ökotex certified. They are easy to wash in the machine and tumble dry completely to preserve the pillow's rich comfort.

In addition to good quality, Søms A/S is known for having a high degree of social responsibility. Over the years, many people have been employed under special needs, e.g. in gentle jobs and job training. In 2016, the company received Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality's integration award, as 40% of the employees come from abroad. Søms A/S has also been nominated several times for the CSR People Prize in the category for companies with less than 100 employees. The prize is awarded every year by the Business Forum for Social Responsibility (VFSA).

The company's employees come from all over the world and in 2018, half of the company's employees in production were from countries such as Somalia, Ukraine, Germany, Burma, Thailand, Sudan and Syria, and several of the employees have been on a fixed salary for several years and are fully integrated, and many have learned to speak Danish.

Søms A/S finds that the foreign employees are conscientious and take pride in doing their job well. They are genuinely happy to have a job and this rubs off on the rest of the staff. In addition, the management perceives that all the employees are enriched by the mixed culture at the workplace, they get on well together and gain a greater insight and understanding of other cultures.

At mumutane, we support Søm's values ​​and business philosophy and are proud that our inner cushions are precisely from the company in West Jutland.

We are also quite proud that our customers experience the same quality as us:

" The most beautiful cushions and what's more, it's exceptionally good quality, both stitching and filling are top notch ." Tine, interior and graphic designer.

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