Hair accessories made in Nigeria

Hair accessories made in Nigeria

We are beyond satisfied with the first consignment of products we have received from Nigeria. Scrunchies in four different prints sewn by four sweet women Emmanuel, Priscilla, Aminah and Abimbola aged 20-23.

Ambiola's team has helped with the entire process. It concerns the selection of textiles, purchase and collection at Biola, which is our local wax print dealer, exchange of model drawings and guides, measuring, cutting, sewing, follow-up and quality checks.

We met Abimbola in Abuja last year and have been in contact with her ever since. She and her mother have a small sewing room together and two helpers.

To complete our order, everyone was busy. In addition, they had to obtain reinforcements from Aminah, aged 23, who has not previously sewn for them. The skilled seamstresses taught Aminah, and in that way a few extra hands got busy.

We would like to help provide work for extra hands. It is actually one of our core values ​​at mumutane. Our expectations for both the textiles, the products and the quality were fully met by Abimbola and her team. We hope for a good cooperation going forward, where we will hopefully meet more of the girls and get to know them better the next time we are in Nigeria.

Take a closer look at our scrunchies . You can also dive into our various hair accessories here.

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