The vision of making a difference

Mumutane combine minimalistic Danish design with the colourful African aesthetic. With Mumutane's brand and products, we focus on the fact that Africa has a lot to offer, which we in the Nordic countries do not yet have much focus on. Africa is a continent with great pride and fascinating traditions. One of those traditions is their clothing, which carries a lot of history. Africans stage themselves and communicate through colourful textiles with symbolic prints. The textiles are called wax print LINK . We would like to share this story with you through our products, thereby showing that Africa has a lot to offer.

Mumutane is a brand with something on its heart. We believe that Africa can and wants more. We believe that the best way to create development is by giving people work and thus a financial basis to be able to support themselves and their family. We focus in particular on creating jobs for young people and support them in producing high quality products so that they are found commercial at the Scandinavian market, and thus provide a financial basis for the future.

It is inspired by the Give Work philosophy that Leila Janah published a book about in the autumn of 2017. As CEO and founder of Samasource and LXMI, she has created successful businesses by providing work on good terms and conditions to the very poorest and thereby give more people the opportunity to to support themselves and their family - one job at a time.

Give work: Reversign poverty one job at a time by Leila Janah